The Ride Of My Life

There are days where I feel strong
Not the regular physical/emotional strength
I am talking about the kind of strength that transcends this very life

Where death is the driver and I am the ecstatic passenger on the ride of our lives

Where fear is a friend who always lends a helping hand

Where I could stop breathing and still stay alive, forever

Where nothing exists except this raw and insane courage

Where light and dark seduce one another into perfection of being

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I welcome these unexpected days with an open soul, or with no soul at all

I am beyond human, beyond life, beyond everything

As I fly straight into space and come back for more!


Secretly Whispering Exclamations

2oo9, a tough year in my life, I secretly whispered these affirmations day and night. I was affirming for my life. My energy body was taking me on a roller coaster of panic and fears, I was afraid back then, but now I know, it was in order to break through.  

I am reading this list today, from a different Universe, it seems like no big deal, sure I feel all those things now, yeah I could use a bit more of this and that, but back then it was only a dream. Whenever I write down an affirmation, I feel I am making a pact with my soul, to trust the journey towards it. For some it might seem like wishful thinking, but I can tell you this, for me, it was a dream, and that dream came true.

I Am Thankful,
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Out of the Shadow, Out of the Light

I‘ve always heard the saying: “Out of the shadow & into the light.” That just doesn’t sound right. Not if I look at it through the “as above, so below” lens. I mean, if I am out of the shadow then I am also clearly out of the light, right?

out of shadow out of light

So, where does this new spin take me? It immediately elevates me to the next layer of awareness in regards to my perception of dark and light. I begin to Emerge not only from the shadow, but also from the light. Suddenly being “Out” of something, or somewhere, doesn’t mean leaving, but becoming visible instead. I am being set free.

‘I’ feel
‘I’ experience

Out of the Shadow and Out of the Light


I, Emerge!

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Lost Footage Emerges: Entering Dream Worlds…

Let me set the stage. It’s around 2010, I am in California, clarOscura has recently entered my reality, shift hit the fan in a big way and I bought a flip camera as a video experiment.

What happened next? I couldn’t stop talking about dreams and multidimensional experiences in front of the camera. I even did a little word collage as an intro or about clip of the clarOscura project/concept. Shortly after, my hard drives, laptop and cameras got stolen. Yet somehow, by the grace of Goddess, I found these backed up in a random folder and so here she is, clarOscura the early days:

& a whimsical word collage

Nothing’s ever really lost.

Through Dark & Light,

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