Name of Origin – Tree of Life

In the beginning, Wolfe was an Ancient Being. As he grew in my womb, he became more of a baby persona, but all in all, he has always had this old warrior-soul presence.

Our second “meeting” took place in the very beginning of my pregnancy. He broke through the dream veil and showed me his long journey into this life.

He presented me with ancient kabbalah or alchemical charts similar to the one below:

KircherTreeLife(image – Kircher Tree of Life)
Like the tree of life mixed with symbols and geometric shapes on aged paper. It looked like a magical map. He explained telepathically that he had been searching for Dmitry (my husband) for EONS! He said the search had been so long that he had to journey all the way to Dmitry’s name of origin, and trace him throughout all his lifetimes. Dmitry’s name of origin began with a W.

(image source –

It was located at the root of this tree of life chart. It was a complicated and long name, not unlike the old hebrew or angelic type of names. It suddenly hit me, everything Dmitry names, starts with a W. His music projects, his business, his own ‘chosen’ last name, and his son’s name. He even has a painting with Ws. I believe that art is the closest thing to the soul, and this W seems to obviously resonate with him, and now I know why. Wow!

In Wild Wonder,

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