OWN IT! It’s your strength not your weakness.

If you are naturally intuitive
And in touch with the world through your psychic abilities
If you are a conscious human being/spirit,

Then Own It!

Don’t call it coo coo
Woo woo
Airy fairy
That kind of ‘stuff’
It is actually not weird at all
Not crazy in the least
And definitely not woo woo or airy fairy
This weakens what is actually the strength of your soul
Your Source
Yes, I am a psychic dreamer
Yes, I manifest my own reality
I am also many other things that people would consider ‘normal’
I also stand behind those qualities in myself
I know it’s not for everyone
I won’t tip toe around what I really am
Who I am at the core
Neither should you
Don’t diminish or apologize for who you truly are
It’s what makes you strong
It’s who you were born to be.


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