Sitting here with my new planner, I decided to start the day with the Dreamer’s intention. I just love the smell of incense, my smokey desk gets more dreamy by the minute. Visions of what is emerging coming to light.

It is still incredible to me how much of myself I don’t know just yet, at least not from this perspective in consciousness. The mystery continues as to what is next to rise from my own depths. Even as I just sit here and sip on coffee, I can taste what is behind the curtain of my unconscious.
There is always someone there with me, looking through my eyes, whispering into my mind and I welcome it. Tired as I am, being a first-time mom, this presence still beckons and calls. I could even say that it is closer than ever before. And though most my dreams seem to quasi-vanish with my baby’s midnight cries, I can sense that I am not needed. The wheels were set in motion way before Wolfe Balthazar was born, and they are not stopping. I find comfort in knowing that I can still tap into my dreams long enough to know the importance of what is happening throughout all dimensions at this moment in time.
Reality is not only here, even though¬†we perceive it as the only real place in which our consciousness exists. How vast I feel when I indulge in my soul’s knowing and let that truth in. The real reality from which this illusion is created has been knocking on my door and the journeys have opened my eyes to the place where I will be awakening to. Dreams have acted as the portal into this other reality and yet, even that real reality is one more layer within the dream. We are¬†effortlessly emerging because there is only one way to go, Up! Sinking is a part of emerging. So, today I sink into the vastness of my true self, wherever or whatever that may be is not important right now. What is important is that I am surrendering to the process with all its unknowns and allowing myself to grow.

In darkness & light,

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I am a dreamer, writer, mom and cosmic witch, weaving in and out of this multidimensional obscureality.