spaceship My whole life I have had split lives due to my astral and dream experiences. I sit here and write this with 35 years of astral/OBE exploration under my cosmic belt. I am not here to tell you what astral projection is, because nobody knows what it really is. 


Things have changed, this isn’t the same Universe anymore. The only way to treat a subject this mysterious, is to keep expanding upon it, and evolving with it. What was out of body now seems to be an inner/outer realm projection, and so those astral lands we travel into are transforming as we are transforming ourselves. So, I am here writing about something that has happened to me for decades, and yet I find myself once again at the door.

Face to face with an untamed aspect of my being.

So, what is the key to understanding “out” of body experiences? Something that keeps redefining itself over and over again. How do we even attempt to ‘trap’ this wild creature long enough to study it? Deep inside I know it should remain untamed. We are always trying to see things from places of the past, how things used to be, how past authors and teachers have described it. Well, I’ll tell you one thing, I was there during those first times when it came out into the general public through the rise of the internet era. Reading people describe astral war zone scenarios made me feel overprotective of the new youth starting to investigate this magical phenomena. So many personal ‘truths’ that did not apply to everyone but that were clearly influencing them, and not in the way that honored their individually unique paths.

I changed my astral world the moment I got ‘attacked’.

Other people’s OBE experiences entered my personal astral sphere, and I am glad it did because I stepped into my own journey stronger than ever. I was having an out of body experience when suddenly a creature/man throwing orange orbs at me, appeared out of nowhere. A semi nude, bald, and faceless creature with no nipples. Yes, fear struck me for a second but I refused to follow the advice of the astral teachers of that time and I refused to fight back, summon a legion, or conjure a weapon. Instead I crouched into the ground and let orbs hit me as I made time to think. The orbs seemed to be striking an outer layer of some sort, as if I were in a bubble. It was making me shake, but there was no pain. In the midst of the attack I came to the inner knowing,

I cannot be destroyed.

I began to relax. I stood up and said, “You can continue attacking me, let me know when you are done and we can talk, go for a walk or fly around together.” The creature eventually got tired of attacking me and stopped.  It transformed into a kind young person and I extended my hand, he took it. We floated around the astral realms, hand in hand. I was permanently transformed. I did not follow the hype, I followed my gut, and that is what I am asking you to do when it comes to your exploration through the astral world.

Bridging the gap in memory, remembrance, perceptions, and states of consciousness came about when I was in my early 20s. I was seen flying around in the astral by my sister who was in the waking world and in another occasion, by a friend who was sleeping over at my house. On both occasions they were just opening their eyes from sleep in that in-between state. At that moment I knew there was such a thing as transitioning between conscious states of awareness, between energy ‘bodies/minds’.

I was no longer invisible.

Since I was little I was very familiar with the concept of spirit guides or guardian angels and so I always had a sense of safety during my explorations. I was raised catholic, though I no longer follow a religion. But what that catholic background did was allow me to experience that sort of faith in God. Since then, that God concept has expanded into something different but I still have it within, the unshakable love within my heart. And though catholisism also puts a bunch of crap into your brain, this was one positive thing I take with me, the strength that comes with faith.

My father was a believer in all things cosmic. He believed most of the bible contained extraterrestrial activity. He taught me an important lesson about defining things in life, when I asked who made God, his response was a bunch of stories about the origins of God. Finally he told me to scratch all that he had said, and that nobody really knew. He looked me in the eye and said the words that would change my life,

“Only you can find your own truth.”

He advised me to read books on philosophy, religion and poetry. I was just a child. So, if my father, the superman of my world, knower of all things, didn’t know who made God or where God comes from….Exactly!

When I need answers, I look into my dreams. In this particular dream, I was standing in a podium in front of a lot of dream and esoteric teachers. I became semi-lucid and wondered, what the hell am I going to say? To my surprise I just began to speak naturally. My first words were, “Dreams/dreaming is the process of reverse engineering.” I paused because this phrase caused a commotion in the room. People began to write this down wherever they could. Apparently it was that important. I myself was surprised by the phrase. But the feelings that accompanied the phrase in the dream were clarity, focus and knowing. Think about it for a second, what if the astral and dream worlds are a sort of forgotten technology?

Our spaceship out of this world.

Our spacecraft into the next level? Have we lost the manual somewhere the depths of our multidimensional unconscious? Our abandoned ‘craft’. What if all of our different “Energy Bodies” are different parts of the same ‘ship’ fragmented and separate because we forgot how to work all parts of the ship simultaneously, consciously. The problem is that we use this dimension as the only point of reference, as the starting point from which we perceive. Shifting that point of reference and opening up to our other conscious or unconscious aspects will thrust us into the next level of expansion.

When I was little I had a plan. In school we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. It was a project we had to elaborate on. I had no doubt about my mission, I was going to be the first woman, to create a vehicle, that would fly OUT of the Universe. I had plans drawn out and the whole thing. My parents found this amusing and shared it around the dinner table with friends, apparently this was funny to people. Years later I realized, I don’t need to build the vehicle, I am that vehicle.

You are that vehicle.

We are that technology. And we are reverse engineering our lost forgotten ship, awakening our craft, and writing these manuals as best we can. Even though there are so many ‘missing’ parts, let’s uncover them fearlessly, inspiring strength, respecting each unique individual’s journey, believing in the Universe and trusting the Unknown. 

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