“Who made God?” – Happy Birthday Dad!

It all began with a conversation I had with my father at around age six. Our talks and long walks were memorable and epic. Hours could go by in one second. Things really began to shift in my mind thanks to him.


Me: Dad?

Dad: Yes Jenni?

Me: Who was Jesus?

Dad: People say he is the son of God…but I believe he was an extraterrestrial, and the guiding star that led the wise men to the manger was a UFO.

Me: Why are we here, I mean, where do we come from?

Dad: God.

Me: And who is God? How did God make us? If God made us then who made God?

Dad: One day, God was lonely and decided to create man, he grabbed a piece of clay and blew his breath on it, that clay became man, and man got lonely one day, so he took man’s rib and created woman.

Me: Clay?

Dad: Actually, scratch that… um.. there was once a being that was both male and female, in time both parts became separated and every male lost it’s female part and every female lost her male part. And so forever since then, we are always in search of our other half that we lost loooong ago..

Actually scratch that too, the truth Jenni, the real truth, is that nobody knows. And if you want answers, go find them yourself. Look into books. Go to libraries, under the religion, philosophy and poetry sections. These will help lead you to your own answers, to the understanding of all the mysteries in life.

Me: ok, I will.

That night, I went to sleep with a deep sense of responsibility to find my own answers.. I mean, my dad was supposed to know it ALL, he was my hero. He was perfect in my child eyes. And for him not to know and admit that, well, that in itself was life changing. I had to go find out, my curiosity was intense. It was a powerful realization.

I drifted into dreams of ufos, jesus, man/woman beings and clay men coming to life. My life would never be the same again.

And so I now find myself many years later, the product of that conversation still. I now know where to find the answer, not from a library or a book, although a lot of books inspire me and point me toward the right direction. I found that I have to look deep within my heart, where truth lives, the long sought key to the door.

Thanks Dad! Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!


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