Protectors of Ancient Knowledge

Wolfe Balthazar, the baby in my womb, ancient soul in this world… I was a about 3 months pregnant when he held my hand as he took me out of my body. Wolfe looked like an adult size energy being, not a baby.

We flew into inner Earth.

Submerging into the ocean and into a whole other world that seemed to exist in another dimension overlapping the one we can normally perceive. A place with live and intelligent blue lightning that swirled, curved and struck underneath volcanos. As we arrived to our destination, I observed a stone on the ground. It was not a huge stone, about my size and round. It had carvings on it, I recognized spiral-like symbols that seemed to be vibrant and alive, not ‘fixed in stone’ at all. The rock had a feeling to it and I came to the understanding that it held important knowledge we are not ready for.

There were GIANT monks with blue eyes, in brown hooded robes with expressionless faces. They are in charge of protecting the ancient knowledge for humanity so that we may be able to get it when we are finally ready. So that we don’t destroy it. They moved it from place to place, never kept in the same location for long. They carefully chose places with impossible storms and in this way, nature protects it. The monks were in a state of deep meditation.

They were carrying a huge temple on their shoulders.


The temple was majestic, like an ancient greek looking temple. In the background there was constant chanting, OM, OM, OM. Non-stop, deep baritone voices. There was an asian monk overseeing the migration of the sacred temple of knowledge. Suddenly I was pregnant with Wolfe instead of him being outside of me in his astral form. I was stunned, mouth open near the monk that is overseeing the move. In his depth of perception he noticed me and put his gigantic hand on my pregnant stomach.

I immediately felt a surge of energy blast my stomach which caused me to return into my body momentarily. I felt afraid but I was still in the astral and I didn’t want to run away, somehow Wolfe eased me and I entered back into my astral consciousness. The monk handed me a paper that said something strange I couldn’t quite decipher. The feeling I got was that it was for Wolfe. After receiving the note I went back into my body. My body was tingling and I kept touching my belly to see if Wolfe was ok.

This experience kickstarted the many astral and dream journeys that would follow with my baby in the womb. As much as my mind wanted a ‘normal’ pregnancy with the thought of a cute little baby, this was my new reality. Wolfe Balthazar, the soul, was a cosmic explorer, just like his mama! 😉

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