December 3rd

December 3rd will forever be the day of my birth in this dream called Earth. I was born with only a few memories out of space and out of time. I will gather a few more visions of the magic beyond this realm, as I stare into my new Crystal Ball “Love Stone” ring tonight.

IMG_20141203_132500_resized_1I had a beautiful blue colored day and I ate the food from my birth-land, Peru. One of the gifts from my husband was the beautiful Rose Quartz, Crystal Ball ring. Unconditional love portal. 


My magical vision board is finally in orbit.

IMG_20141203_080112_resized_1The most important message popped into my tea cup this morning.

Just WOW!

Nite loves!

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I am a dreamer, writer, mom and cosmic witch, weaving in and out of this multidimensional obscureality.