Secretly Whispering Exclamations

2oo9, a tough year in my life, I secretly whispered these affirmations day and night. I was affirming for my life. My energy body was taking me on a roller coaster of panic and fears, I was afraid back then, but now I know, it was in order to break through.  

I am reading this list today, from a different Universe, it seems like no big deal, sure I feel all those things now, yeah I could use a bit more of this and that, but back then it was only a dream. Whenever I write down an affirmation, I feel I am making a pact with my soul, to trust the journey towards it. For some it might seem like wishful thinking, but I can tell you this, for me, it was a dream, and that dream came true.

I Am Thankful,
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I am a dreamer, writer, mom and cosmic witch, weaving in and out of this multidimensional obscureality.