Out of the Shadow, Out of the Light

I‘ve always heard the saying: “Out of the shadow & into the light.” That just doesn’t sound right. Not if I look at it through the “as above, so below” lens. I mean, if I am out of the shadow then I am also clearly out of the light, right?

out of shadow out of light

So, where does this new spin take me? It immediately elevates me to the next layer of awareness in regards to my perception of dark and light. I begin to Emerge not only from the shadow, but also from the light. Suddenly being “Out” of something, or somewhere, doesn’t mean leaving, but becoming visible instead. I am being set free.

‘I’ feel
‘I’ experience

Out of the Shadow and Out of the Light


I, Emerge!

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I am a dreamer, writer, mom and cosmic witch, weaving in and out of this multidimensional obscureality.