Lost Footage Emerges: Entering Dream Worlds…

Let me set the stage. It’s around 2010, I am in California, clarOscura has recently entered my reality, shift hit the fan in a big way and I bought a flip camera as a video experiment.

What happened next? I couldn’t stop talking about dreams and multidimensional experiences in front of the camera. I even did a little word collage as an intro or about clip of the clarOscura project/concept. Shortly after, my hard drives, laptop and cameras got stolen. Yet somehow, by the grace of Goddess, I found these backed up in a random folder and so here she is, clarOscura the early days:

& a whimsical word collage

Nothing’s ever really lost.

Through Dark & Light,

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I am a dreamer, writer, mom and cosmic witch, weaving in and out of this multidimensional obscureality.